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5X is an enterprise-ready full-stack data platform that streamlines data readiness. 5X is designed as one-stop solution for core data engineering capabilties using managed data solutions that is incredibly easy to use.

It helps data teams deliver business outcomes by providing full-stack capabilities based on best-in-class vendors and rendered in an easy-to-use manner.

We understand navigating the data landscape can be challenging. Our managed data solutions ensure you can focus on your business outcomes as required for your business, while we handle the complex backend configurations.

Our full-stack data platform supports ingestion, warehouse, orchestration, and visualization capabilities.

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An overview into 5X full-stack data platform.

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Ingest sources from over 500+ supported data sources.


Interact with code programatically on development.


Orchestrate and deploy jobs, i.e., complex data pipelines to production.


Visualize data with business intelligence (BI)


Manage team and warehouse access using RBAC.


Access environments, connections and profile.

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