5X Operate supports data replication using Fivetran. Fivetran automates moving data from your added connectors to destinations to build a data pipeline. To get started, add and activate your Fivetran account on your workspace. Fivetran integration connects to the selected data warehouses added to your workspace during the setup. Users can set up Fivetran by provisioning an account from 5X if they do not have an existing Fivetran account.

Admins can enable Fivetran roles: Destination administrator, Destination reviewer and Remove access roles for workspace members.

Once Fivetran is activated, you can add connectors to connect your sources with destinations to move data. Navigate to Fivetran from 5X Operate. The default landing page is Connectors, listing the current connectors.

The Connectors page consolidates the connector overview of the current connectors in your workspace. You can sort the overview based on the added sync name, sources, destination, sync frequency, last sync, status and MAR.

MAR (Monthly Active Rows) is a unit used to measure the volume of data replicated/migrated between data sources and destinations within a given month. It represents the total number of rows processed across all tables during data replicated/migrated activities by Fivetran within a monthly billing cycle.

Click the three-dot menu at the end of a sync row to perform sync actions directly. Depending on the sync status and configuration, you can pause/resume it, edit the sync setup, delete it or run a historical re-sync. A historical re-sync is a full re-sync operation where Fivetran overwrites the data in your destination with new data from your source.

  • Deleting a sync cannot be undone.

  • We recommend users consider MAR as a key metric to monitor and manage their data usage for Fivetran connectors on 5X based on their billing and pricing plans.

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