Add and manage a Connector

A connector on Fivetran helps connect your data source to a destination. 5X supports over 500 data sources to set up Fivetran connectors.

Add a Connector

To add a connector on Fivetran,

  1. Click +Add Connector on the top-right of Connectors.

  2. Select a data source from hundreds of sources to connect with a data warehouse, and Continue.

  3. Select the destination where you want to store and move your data and Proceed.

  4. Configure your connector depending on the data source selected. After adding the configuration details, click Add Connector to initiate the connector setup flow.

5X may require users to authenticate and authorize the Fivetran connector to connect to the data source. Fivetran connection begins an initial sync once the connector is saved and tested. During the initial sync, the data is replicated/migrated from the selected data source to the destination warehouse.

You can check the new connector on the Connectors page. Since the connector does an initial sync, it is assigned an Active status and a default sync frequency of six hours. Users can configure the table and schema of the data source after the connector is set-up. If you do not add a schema during the set-up, Fivetran will add a new connector with a Complete setup status.

Manage a connector

Select the connector to check its current sync stats and update it. You can check the connector details, its latest sync and status. The sync shows the current connector activity of replicating/migrating data from the selected schema to the destination.

Users can perform the following actions:

  • Test connection to check if the Fivetran connector can connect to the data source. Fivetran runs connection tests to validate. Users can edit the connector configuration when testing it to update their credentials if needed.

  • Run a sync using sync now where Fivetran will replicate/migrate data from the selected tables to the destination.

  • Pause/Resume sync to automate the connector sync to run based on its sync frequency.

The tables currently active during the sync are highlighted in Tables. You can search schema, reload or allow and block new updates to schema.

  • Reload schema will update the tables to their latest version.

  • Select the tables you want to update to save changes. The latest changes are synced to reflect the update.

  • Users can control how the connector should sync newly added schema, columns and configuration as required for the schema. Click Configure to,

    • Allow all newly added schemas, tables and configuration. By default, the latest updates are synced.

    • Allow columns to allow newly added columns but block new schemas and table configurations.

    • Block all newly added schemas, tables and configurations.

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