Destinations are the data repositories where you store the migrating data originating from the source. Your Gravity workspace should have at least one destination connection configured to set a Sync. Destinations typically include data warehouses and databases. Navigate to the Destinations page on Gravity to check active/connected destinations and add new destinations. Users can check the active/connected destination from the overview, and add and manage destinations.

The Destination Overview provides a consolidated list of active/connected destinations connected to your Gravity workspace. You can manage destinations to edit their configuration and delete it.


A deleted destination cannot be undone once confirmed.

Add Destination

  1. Click + Add Destination to the right of the Destinations Overview.

  1. Select the required destination and Continue.

  1. Configure destination details and Authorize Gravity to connect to the account. Once the destination is authorized, it is added and updated on the destination overview.

Supported Destinations

  • Amazon Redshift

  • Amazon S3

  • Azure Synapse Analytics

  • Microsoft Azure SQL

  • FTP

  • Google BigQuery

  • Microsoft Azure SQL

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • PostgreSQL

  • SFTP

  • Snowflake

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