Integrate alerts for your Syncs with your workspace to get alerts on job runs. Users can set up policies to manage integrations and access management for alerts.

Navigate to Integrations on Gravity to check the current integrations on your workspace and add/manage integrations.

The Integration Overview lists the current integrations, their status and actions to edit or delete an integration. Set up policies for your integrated alert to start receiving alerts of job runs.

Add Integration

Users can integrate Gravity on their workspace account (Slack, Teams or Webhooks) to streamline and automate the job runs. This Integration enables them to set up alerts on the workspace channel and manage them according to predefined policies.

  1. Click + Add Integration top-right to Integrations Overview.

  2. Select the workspace tool and authorize it to configure the integration on the Add Integration popup. Gravity currently supports Slack, Teams and Webhook support for setting up alerts.

  3. Set up the integration name for authorization and Authorize.

Once Gravity connects to your workspace, the integration connection is configured and updated.

Add and manage Policy

Set up policies for your Integrations to run the alerts and notify the connected Slack channel. Policy configuration requires users to set up the notifications on the connected Slack channel.

Select the Integration to check and manage the policies added. Add and configure a policy for the integration on the top-right corner.

Users can edit and delete a policy from the three-dot menu at the end of each policy of the overview. You can add the Slack channel ID and the list of Notification (event) IDs, such as job failure event, job success event, etc. Once the policy is enabled, the alert will notify the configured notifications to the respective channels during a job run.

Supported Integrations

Slack, Teams and Webhook

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