The Console is a unified interface native to 5X Managed dbt Core™ where users can build and develop dbt projects on the development environment. The dbt project files and details are updated on the File Explorer and are connected to the main(read-only) branch of the project’s Git repository by default. Users can manage their GitHub files with version control management in the development environment. 5X Managed dbt Core™ SQL and Python files are supported to run your dbt project in development.

5X Managed dbt CoreTM SQL supports the following capabilities:

  • Git management: Console supports Git management for the project with Version Control to facilitate collaboration and version control seamlessly. The main(read-only) branch cannot be updated directly as the production pipelines may run to the main branch of the project’s Git repository. For good practice, you can create a new branch to modify the project and merge and sync changes with the main branch when needed. Users can manage their Git repository at file and branch version levels, allowing them to commit, sync, and push changes. Refresh synchronizes your remote repository with the selected main or branch repository to update the latest modifications since the last synchronization.

  • File management: Users can manage files using the File Explorer which lists the database files of the project including required project resources like models, snapshots, targets, tests, dbt_project.yml files and others. Explore and modify SQL and Python files as needed.

  • Worksheet: Build and modify dbt models in code on the worksheet. Users can work on multiple files with their directory path listed, and compare side-by-side modifications with a diff comparison editor on the worksheet. It supports a command palette, and autocomplete suggestions to enhance user accessibility and experience.

  • Query output panel: Users can preview and compile models, check results, compile code and check the data lineage. Data Lineage provides a holistic view of how data moves through the database, where it’s transformed and consumed with modified changes. Insight into your data lineage is fundamental to building, troubleshooting, and analyzing workflows more efficiently.

  • Terminal: Run dbt commands at the terminal level from the Console. The Terminal also provides insights into each command execution including its status, duration, branch, and system logs.

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