Git Management

Facilitate collaboration and version control seamlessly with Git management when developing your dbt project. Switch to the Version Control tab on the Console to manage modified versions at file and branch levels. 5X Managed dbt Core™ extends version control flexibility with options to synchronize your current branch with Git repositories like pull from main and Refresh.

The main(read-only) branch cannot be updated to protect from direct changes as the production pipelines connect to the main branch of the project’s Git repository.

Users can + Create a new branch from the branch dropdown to edit and modify files on a separate and developer-specific branch. Once the modified changes are completed, you can sync and merge the changes that are needed.


You cannot navigate to the main(read-only) branch or refresh files with modified changes that are not yet updated. Either commit or revert changes to navigate between branches.

Version Control

The Version Control tab lists the modified files of the current development branch. The Modified changes are listed by their file name and directory path. It is recommended to update modified changes that render the file invalid before pushing the changes. For example, moving a file may become invalid if it has an unspecified directory path.

  • File version management: You can Commit file & Sync to commit the modified changes and sync with the branch, or Revert changes if needed.

Click the modified tag to bring up the diff editor to compare code modifications, . The diff editor provides a side-by-side comparison of the modified updates in red.

To compare code modifications, click on the modified tag to bring up the diff editor. The diff editor provides a side-by-side comparison of the modified updates in red.

  • Branch version management: Users can manage their Git repository at branch version level for all modified changes. You can click on the dropdown to Commit and Sync all changes, Merge this branch to main or Revert changes. Merging the branch to the main Git repository will update the files in production.

  • No modified changes: When there are no modified changes in your current branch, you can Git Refresh and pull from main.

  • Pull from main when the main branch is not in sync with the remote repo and you want to sync your branch by retrieving changes from the main branch into your current working branch.

  • A Git Refresh retrieves changes from the selected repository branch into your current working branch. Refreshing the branch incorporates any updates made to the selected branch since the last time you synchronized your remote repository with it. This enables multiple users to modify the same branch and synchronize modifications using the Git refresh.

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