An environment is a configuration used to develop and deploy code without impacting the end users. Data teams can administer how 5X Managed dbt Core™ retrieves, builds, manages and executes data when handling data projects using separate environment types.

5X Managed dbt Core™ supports data teams setting up separate environments in their data warehouse to interact with data sources and databases for deploying or developing data projects. The dbt deployment environment supports deployment automation of dbt projects using the deployment/production environment. And, the development environment supports data teams to work on building and refining data models and transformation processes.

5X Managed dbt Core™ Dbt environments can be grouped into:

  • Development environment The development environment is where traditionally software teams can write, develop and test code to work on new features, functions or data transformations. A development environment facilitates an iterative development process and does not impact the production environment. 5X supports one development environment per dbt project.

  • Deployment/ production environment The deployment/ production environment is typically used for data project deployment. Depending on the feature need and purpose, a deployment/production environment can be separately maintained or together using a single environment architecture.

Within data engineering, a production/deployment environment can be managed together to deploy finalized data models and transformations by downstream applications, analytics or systems and referred to interchangeably. 5X supports multiple deployment environments per dbt project to create and manage Jobs and Job Run.

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