Set up and manage dbt Projects

A dbt project is a data transformation project where users can organize, transform, test, document, and deploy dbt within a data warehouse. Users need to ensure the following when setting up their 5X Managed dbt Core™ project:

  • Choose a connection: Set up a warehouse connection to access dbt models and databases directly. 5X Managed dbt Core™ works on the selected data warehouse during the vendor connection.

  • Configure your environment: Configuring the project environment includes,

    • Configuring the default deployment environment on which the vendor connection will run dbt Jobs, and

    • The deployment credentials, using which the dbt project can run dbt Jobs on the production environment.


5X Managed dbt Core™ supports a default deployment environment for your project to run. Users can create multiple deployment environments and a single development environment for a dbt project.

  • Setup a repository: Configure your Git repository as the last step of the dbt project setup. Linking to your Git repository enables 5X Managed dbt Core™ to build and manage the dbt project using the selected repository. There are two ways to connect to a repository:

    • 5X Managed: if you don’t have an existing GitHub repo, use the 5X Managed GitHub repository with a ready-to-use template during project setup. You can seamlessly migrate to your own GitHub repo later.

  • GitHub: Link to your existing GitHub repository.


Users cannot perform CI Jobs with a 5X Managed Git repository.

Set up dbt Projects

To set up a new dbt project on 5X Managed dbt Core™, follow the steps below:

  1. Users can view and add dbt projects from the project dropdown at the end of the navigation header. Browse through the dbt projects and click Add a new project.

  1. Click Set up a Project on the Complete Project Setup page to configure the next steps.

  1. Name the project.

  1. Choose a connection: Select the vendor for your warehouse connection and click Next.

  1. Configure your environment: Enter the warehouse connection details to configure the default deployment environment and click Next. Users can opt for the following data warehouse vendors to set up a dbt project on 5X Managed dbt Core™ supports the following vendor connections for dbt project setup:

  1. Set up a repository: Select the required repository to proceed. Select 5X Managed to name your repository, or use GitHub to enter an existing repository.

Once the repository is linked, click Complete to complete the dbt project setup.

To verify the project details, navigate to its Project Settings.

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