Setup Google BigQuery project

To create a Google BigQuery project, users must add a service account key, and enable the required API and services.


  • The user must have a Google BigQuery Service Account and Service Account Key enabled on your BigQuery project.

  • The user has 5X Managed dbt Core™ access enabled.

Setup BigQuery Service Account and Key

5X uses the service account to access your set-up project when you manage your BigQuery project on the 5X workspace.

To create a service account on your Google BigQuery project, refer to the steps below:

  1. Select the BigQuery project where you want to create your service account and navigate to Service Accounts from the IAM & Admin section on the left navigation bar.

  2. Click on + CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT to configure the account details.

  3. Enter the required service account details and click CREATE AND CONTINUE.

    We recommend you name the service account with a 5X indication for easy access and management, like fivex_master_account. To ensure the service account is not deleted when multiple stakeholders are managing a project, you can put DO_NOT_DELETE as an indicator under the service account description. Deleting a BigQuery service account used by 5X may have implications for your 5X workspace and BigQuery projects.

  4. Enable role access permissions for the service account. 5X requires users to grant minimum role privileges for 5X to access and use the account. Select roles for:

  • BigQuery Data Editor: access to edit all datasets, and

  • BigQuery User: access to run queries, create datasets, read dataset metadata, and list tables.

You have successfully created your service account on the required BigQuery project. The next step is configuring the service account key, which 5X can access the account credentials.

  1. To set up your service account key, navigate to KEYS from the account. Click Create new key from the ADD KEY dropdown. Select the JSON key type and CREATE.

Once the key is created, you can use and check its values on your editor.

Google BigQuery project setup

To set up a Google BigQuery project, follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the project name on Complete Project Setup and click Next.

  1. Choose a connection: Select Google BigQuery as your warehouse connection and click Next.

  2. Configure your environment: Enter the warehouse connection details to configure the default deployment environment and click Next.

  3. Set up a repository: Select the required repository to proceed. Enter the repository name if 5X Managed is selected, or enter the external repository link if you select GitHub.


Users connecting with a 5X Managed repository can move to their existing repository later if required.

Once the repository is linked, click Complete to complete the dbt project setup.

You have successfully set up a Snowflake dbt project. To verify the project details, navigate to its Project Settings. Refer to Set up and manage dbt Projects to learn about dbt Project Settings.


Environmental connection supports the following parameters:


Dataset Name

dbt will build your models into a dataset with this name.


Service Account JSON

The Google BigQuery user account role for 5X Managed dbt Core™ instance to assume when creating the connection.

.json file

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