Current Jobs

The Jobs page lands on the Current Jobs tab by default. It lists an overview of all the current jobs on the dbt project. Users can also create jobs for the dbt project from here.

The job overview provides the following job metrics at a glance:

  • You can view the current status of the job based on not started, success, running, failed and aborted,

  • The deployment environment where the job runs. It is helpful when there the current jobs run on multiple deployment environments configured for the project,

  • The job schedule type to check if it is scheduled or not, and

  • The last job run and the next run are scheduled for the job.

Select the job from the current jobs section to check and manage it further. Users can also create and manage the job runs from the job details.


The dbt project must have a configured deployment environment for users to create jobs and manage. Refer to set up deployment environment to learn how to configure it for your dbt project.

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