Manage a Job Run

The Run report page lists details of the respective job run. 5X Managed dbt Core™ manages a dbt run by executing the dbt commands set for the Job using the trigger and reports the job run logs. A job run will include the following insights:

  • Cloning git repo: The first step of a job run includes cloning the selected version control repository to retrieve the dbt project files. The insight helps users understand the job log while cloning the Git repository.

  • dbt deps: dbt deps pull the most recent version of the dependencies listed on the packages.yml from the Git repository of the job. It runs all the dbt packages required to run your dbt commands effectively. Users can modify changes from the Console and check the dbt_packages folder to view logs and models.

  • Commands: Users can check the metric for the commands set during the job configuration.

The run report page categorizes run details as follows:

  1. You can check the Run ID of the job and trigger schedule type, deployment environment name and run duration.

  1. Click on the run metric to expand the section and check the run logs. The run metrics include both Console logs and Debug logs. The run logs are available for download from Download Console Logs and Download Debug Logs on the respective tabs. Each metric indicates its execution status and duration.

Refer to Create a Job to learn about 5X Managed dbt Core™ Job configurations.

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