5X Managed Apache Superset™

5X supports data visualization as part of its full-stack data platform capabilities using 5X Managed Apache Superset™. 5X Managed Apache Superset™ provides no-code, integrated, and modern business intelligence capabilities for data visualization.

5X Managed Apache Superset™ provides:

  • A no-code interface to build dashboards effectively.

  • An array of Charts for visualization needs.

  • SQL Editor with support for advanced queries.

  • Integrates with a variety of data sources.

  • Supports data warehouse connection to Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Redshift and Databricks.

Dashboards provide an end-to-end visual experience of the data exposed using a combination of Charts. Users can connect 5X Managed Apache Superset™ to a new database and configure Datasets (database table or SQL queries) for data analysis later using Charts. You can create custom Charts to expose the datasets on your workspace and layer the charts to create Dashboards.

Get started

To get started, Admins can integrate 5X Managed Apache Superset™ on their 5X workspace and enable required team access for team members.

When adding the 5X Managed Apache Superset™ integration, you can connect it to your current warehouse vendors during the setup process. Connecting to the current warehouse on your workspace will enable 5X Managed Apache Superset™ to connect and access the data sources.

Navigate to 5X Managed Apache Superset™ from 5X Operate.

You can explore the following from the header:

  • Datasets: Store tables and SQL queries as datasets by connecting to the required database.

  • Charts: Expose the dataset using charts to create custom visualizations as required.

  • Dashboards: Assemble charts created on your workspace using Dashboards to build end-to-end data visualization experiences for your business needs.

  • Add charts, dashboards, and datasets directly from the header.

  • Settings: Manage 5X Managed Apache Superset™ settings for security, database connections and platform-level functions.

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