A dataset is a virtual view created on top of the database connections used to create various charts. Datasets are exposed on custom Charts to create data visualizations. This guide will explain how you can connect databases to create a dataset and create and explore datasets.

Navigate to the Datasets tab on 5X Managed Apache Superset™.

A dataset connects to the selected database (added warehouse) and stores data based on the selected schema and table of the database. You can check the current datasets added to your workspace from the Overview.


The Datasets tab lists the current datasets added to the workspace. On this page, users can perform the following:

  • Bulk select datasets, add and import datasets on the top-right of the page header.

  • Explore and customize your overview using filters and sorting functions.

  • Users can also delete, edit and import the datasets from the overview.


Bulk Select & Import

Add Dataset

To create a dataset, you need to configure the dataset source. You can only associate one dataset with a table.

The dataset source includes:

  • Database: Connection to your warehouse database from where Superset will access the schema.

  • Schema: The database schema to access the table.

  • Table: The table and the SQL query which will be stored in the dataset.



  1. Click + Dataset from the top-right of the page header to add a dataset.

  2. Configure the dataset source by selecting the database, schema and table. You can force refresh the schema and the table list to update the latest changes.

Once selected, you can sort the table columns to reflect the dataset as required on the right interface.

  1. Click Create Dataset and Create Chart on the bottom-right corner of the page. The dataset is saved under the table name. Next, you can create a new chart for the dataset.

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