What is 5X Operate

5X Operate is the Unified IDE where users can access and manage their data vendors and functionalities in one place.

5X supports the following data applications using 5X Operate:

Data Ingestion/ Replication

5X Operate supports data replication where data teams can move data from sources to the data warehouse to store for further data operations. Users can automate their data pipeline processes using fully managed connectors centralizing all data into the required destination. 5X Operate currently supports Gravity Unified IDE and Fivetran for data replication capabilities.

To learn about featured vendors for data ingestion, refer to Data Replication.

Data Warehouse

Perform data analysis using SQL Editor on 5X Operate. The SQL Editor supports Snowflake and Google BigQuery integrated into the single IDE on 5X Operate.

To learn about featured vendors for data transformation, refer to Data Warehouse.

Data modeling

5X Operate supports data modeling capabilities using metric layer operations. It helps establish a metric layer where data teams can centrally define and store business metrics in code for further downstream analysis using the same metric logic. 5X Operate features 5X Managed dbt Core™ with version control and complex query logic features supporting SQL and Python scripts. Users can build, compare, and synchronize data models. It swiftly generates complex SQL and allows you to modify database schema and scripts.

Data visualization

5X Operate empowers data teams with robust data visualization capabilities through Business Intelligence (BI) tools. These tools harness software and services to convert raw data into actionable insights, shaping an organization's strategic and tactical decisions. With 5X Operate, data teams can effortlessly create BI dashboards to assess critical performance metrics, develop dependable internal data reports, and delve into customer behavioral data to extract valuable insights for informed decision-making. 5X supports 5X Managed Superset, Preset, Power BI, Sigma and other visualization vendor tools.

To learn about featured vendors for data visualization, refer to Business Intelligence.

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