Billing & Invoice

Admin users have Billing enabled for managing account billing details. Navigate to Settings from your user account and click on the Billing tab to check your billing details.

Billing Details

Admin users can modify their workspace billing emails and addresses using Billing Details as follows:

The Edit Billing Details panel has Emails and Address tabs for billing updates. It lands on the Emails tab by default.

  1. You can modify your billing address from the Address tab.

  1. Click on Update Billing Details to apply your billing changes. Alternatively, click Cancel to cancel the update and revert to the previous billing details.

Your Plan Details

View the overall plan details for all vendors on Your Plan Details. The plan details are listed for all vendors managed on your 5X platform based on their license or usage-based pricing.

Refer to Utilization to learn about your vendor analytics.

Payment Method

Admins can manage their primary and secondary payment methods from the Payment Method section. 5X currently supports the following payment types:

  • Debit/Credit Cards (via Stripe payment gateway)

  • ACH Wire Transfer


Contact to request a payment method change.

Manage the following actions on payment method:

  1. The primary payment method is highlighted with a Primary tag. Click Make Primary next to the required card to update your primary payment.

  1. Click Add a Card next to the header to add a card payment method. Enter the required details and click Add Card to add the payment method.

Billing History

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