Vendor Billing

consolidated monthly bill without long term commitments
With 5X, you get a single monthly bill consolidated across all of your vendors, with 100% visibility of your daily usage. What’s even better? No long term commitments or enterprise contracts.
There are 2 types of vendors for your data platform:
  1. 1.
    Provisioned by 5X: 5X created the account on behalf of you, all your vendor infrastructure spendings will be added to your 5X monthly bill. Your vendor pricing depends on your 5X plan, more details on our pricing page.
  2. 2.
    Bring Your Own Vendor (BYOV): You create the account directly with the vendor, 5X does not control the billing and you need to manage the vendor bill on your own.
You can check the daily usage of each vendor from the Utilization page. For 5X provisioned vendors, you can remove vendors from your data platform at any time without long-term commitments, just note that some vendors may have 1-month minimum payment cycle, which means your subscription is valid till the end of the billing cycle if you cancel at the middle.