Architecture Diagram

Architecture diagram helps to visualize the overall design and flow of data through the stack.
From the “Platform” tab, you can access the architecture view to see a comprehensive representation of your data platform in the form of an interactive architecture diagram, showing the data sources and vendors that you use currently.
You can also export the architecture diagram as a pdf, making it easy for you and your stakeholders to understand and communicate about your data stack.
In the diagram, you'll see various categories of the modern data stack, each represented by a colored box. If you've already set up a vendor for a particular category, the box will be highlighted to indicate the vendor you're using. This diagram serves as a handy reference for you to quickly assess the current state of your stack.
If you haven't set up a vendor for a certain category yet, don't worry. Simply click the “Explore” button of the category to learn more about it and the available vendor options. This architecture diagram is a powerful tool that will help you determine any missing pieces in your data stack and make informed decisions about future vendors and investments.