Add Vendors

Users can Add vendor integrations from the vendor category on Integrations.

There are 2 ways to add a vendor to your workspace:

  • Provision a new account from 5X: If you don’t have a vendor account, you can provision a new account/instance from scratch with 5X. Just follow the intuitive steps to set up your new account in minutes!

  • BYOV (Bring Your Own Vendor): If you already have the vendor account, you can bring your existing vendor account on 5X, and continue to manage it seamlessly via 5X.

The following table lists the vendor integration types:

AttributeProvision new account from 5XBYOV (Bring my own vendor)


5X provisions a new vendor account and manages the vendor infrastructure.

The user has an existing vendor account and wants to integrate with their 5X workspace

Billing impact

5X manages vendor pricing and billing based on the selected user plan.

5X does not control billing and management.

Utilization impact

Shows daily vendor utilization

Shows daily vendor utilization

You can refer to the following BYOV setup guides:

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