The Preset REST API provides access to core functions such as managing user and team , workspace, connection and data, and visualization. You can create a preset tile and manage user access on 5X platform after configuration.

Step One - Create a new user

You need to have "Workspace Admin" access in order to generate a new API key.

  1. To generate an API key, from the Preset Manager screen (after log-in), hover your cursor over the initials icon and, in the sub-menu, select Manage User Settings.

  1. In the API Keys section, select + Generate New API Key.

  2. The Generate a New API Key panel appears.

  3. In the Key Title field, enter a name for the new API key.

  4. In the Key Description field, enter a brief descripton of the API key.

  5. Select Submit.

  1. The Token field will automatically populate with a generated token.

  2. Likewise, the Secret field will automatically populate with a secret.

  1. The newly-created API key appears in the API Key Step by Step Guide

Step Two- Enter details on 5X


This is API key of your preset account that you just generated.

API Secret

This is the Secret of your API key that was generated.

Team Slug

This is the string after "teams/" in the URL when you click Manage Teams on the workspace. (e.g., 12345a67 is the team slug).

Workspace Slug

This is the first string in the URL when you open the workspace. (e.g., 3d9ba57b is the workspace slug)

Step Three -Validate details on 5X

Once you have entered the details click on validate we will check the Preset credentials before adding the account to 5X account.

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