Data Discovery / Catalog

What is Data Discovery?

A data discovery platform is a software solution designed to help organizations discover, explore, and analyze their data assets. It provides tools and functionalities to connect to various data sources, understand the structure and contents of the data, and derive meaningful insights from it. Data discovery platforms allow businesses to browse and search over continuously updates catalog of datasets, dashboards and ML charts and gain transparency over a company’s data architecture.

What does Data Discovery unlock?

  • Data discovery helps democratize data and self-service analytics, helping teams answer questions like whether particular data exists, the source of truth of that data, teams that own this data, existing work related to the data they can reuse etc.
  • Data discovery helps organizations identify useful metadata to further business goals. Data catalogs unify the context of all data existing in the ecosystem and serve as the trusted semantic layer of the business where everyone can search and discover the data assets.