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Data Replication

What is Data Replication?

Modern companies normally have 10-20 data sources, such as marketing, sales tools, and backend data, thus there is a need to move data from siloed locations into databases or data warehouses. Data Replication is the process of moving data from different places into a single location, where it can be stored, processed and analyzed. The data Replication layer—and all of the processes associated with it—marks the beginning of any data pipeline. Efficient and well-managed Replication is integral to virtually all other data-based operations within an organization, including visualization, integration, analytics, sharing, and more.

What does Data Replication unlock?

  • Data Replication sets the stage for critical data operations. Once data is ingested, it can be cleaned, processed, deduplicated, virtualized, or propagated based on an organization’s data needs.
  • Data Replication vendors provide fully managed connectors so that you can reliably centralize all your data into your destination, without worrying about API changes from the data sources.
  • Data Replication tools allow your data team to spend 100% of their time focusing on drawing insights from data instead of managing data infrastructure.