Reverse ETL

What is Reverse ETL?

Reverse ETL enables companies to move transformed data from their cloud warehouse out into operational business tools. It’s a new approach to making data actionable and solving the “last mile” problem in analytics by empowering business teams to access—and act on—transformed data directly in the SaaS tools they already use every day.

What does Reverse ETL unlock?

Reverse ETL is powering a new paradigm known as operational analytics — the practice of feeding insights from a data warehouse to business teams in their usual workflow, ultimately empowering more personalized customer experiences and data-driven decision making.
Reverse ETL “operationalizes” the same data that powers reports in a BI tool by making it accessible and actionable in downstream SaaS tools. For example, your key definitions in data warehouse, such as Lifetime Value, Marketing Qualified Lead, lead score, customer health, etc. These insights are much more powerful if they drive the everyday operations of your teams across sales, marketing, finance, etc. in the tools they live in, such as CRMs, marketing automation tools, advertising platforms, customer support and ticketing systems, and, of course, Slack.