5X full-stack data platform currently supports the following features:


Platform serves as a centralized hub within the 5X workspace and offers users a comprehensive overview of all vendors provisioned on the platform. You can log in to actual vendor instances directly from the vendor Tiles. Tiles also help users view the most important vendor stats such as sources, destination, and job status across the workspace, etc.

5X Operate

5X Operate is the Unified IDE that allows users to manage all data vendors in one place to perform core vendor functionalities directly. 5X Operate supports all the core functions needed to build, run and manage your full-stack data platform, i.e., data ingestion/ replication, warehouse, modelling and visualization capabilities. Enable direct access to your integrated vendors from 5X Operate.

Ingestion and replication

Import and move raw data to a centralized data warehouse, storage or lakes. Ingestions on 5X streamline enable users to execute their extract and load (EL) operations within 5X seamlessly. You can build real-time data pipelines to power data apps and services more cohesively, ensuring a seamless user experience and an optimized configuration. 5X Operate supports data ingestion backed by Gravity and Fivetran solutions.


Maintain your source of truth for data storage and processing. 5X Operate supports SQL Editor and allows you to run the SQL command line for Snowflake & BigQuery.

The SQL Editor supports the following capabilities:

  • File Management: Create and manage their databases and folders.

  • SQL Editor Console: Run SQL queries on the interactive console worksheet. Users can perform functions including query formatting, execution, batch execution, and result set limiting.

  • Results console: The results console displays the results of the query and preview data for your database. Users can easily download query results for further analysis.

Modeling and Orchestration

5X enables data modeling and orchestration using 5X Managed dbt Core™ where users can clean structured model data seamlessly and efficiently for analysis. 5X Managed dbt Core™ is a unified integrated development environment (IDE) where data teams can transform data using dbt models. Users can run dbt Projects on deployment or development environments to perform dbt Jobs. Users can leverage Git management to perform dbt Jobs for tasks, like extracting, cleaning, transforming and loading data to and from the data warehouse.


Enable data analysis and output operations on 5X Operate with visualization vendor tools. 5X supports business intelligence (BI), Product analytics, and AI Apps. Users can leverage the vendors to transform data into actionable insights that inform an organization’s strategic and tactical business decisions. 5X supports 5X Managed Supertset™, as a fully managed Business Intelligence (BI) layer within 5X, enabling users to provision and manage their BI needs directly from the 5X platform.


Architecture offers a comprehensive visualization of your current vendors within the modern data stack infrastructure. It categorizes the infrastructure based on data transport, storage, transformation, and analysis. This overview helps users understand the vendors they currently utilize for various data layers and functions, and how to update their data stack accordingly.


Team supports the following capabilities:

  • Manage 5X user permission for your 5X workspace.

  • Manage vendor roles and permission for your team members.

  • Manage user access based on Role Based Access Control (RBAC) policies.

  • User management capabilities to edit roles, edit associations and remove users.


Integrations is the vendor marketplace for provisioning vendor tools to your 5X workspace. Integrations empower users with a streamlined and informed approach to selecting the perfect vendors for their data platform.

  • Explore and manage the current vendors provisioned on your data platform.

  • Explore vendors based on data integration Categories.

  • Explore vendors based on the integration need and use-case from Explore vendors based on your needs.

  • Explore, compare, and make well-informed decisions from the 5X supported vendors based on the vendor Tile information.

  • Add vendors to your 5X workspace by provisioning a new account from 5X and BYOV (Bring your own vendor) needs.


Utilization provides detailed financial and usage analytics for your added vendors. Users can achieve comprehensive spending visibility without the need to log into individual vendor accounts. This streamlines the management of multiple accounts, providing seamless access to all spending information. Users can gain insights into overall expense and forecast, vendor-based utilization, and the current vendor costs and their usage.


The Security page facilitates seamless monitoring and tracking of activities within the data workspace. By consolidating scattered information from multiple vendors, it offers a centralized approach, simplifying data troubleshooting and enhancing data governance practices for all users.

Security on 5X supports the following features:

  • Audit Log: Users gain insights into all actions taken within their workspace, ensuring transparency and accountability. Audit Log helps with vendor activity tracking, access control changes and platform evolution monitoring.

  • Network Policy: This feature enables users to define and enforce customized policies to safeguard network access, enhancing overall security measures. Network Policy empowers users to enforce compliance with data security standards and regulations, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information.

To learn more about Security and its functions, refer to Security.

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