Welcome to 5X

Build your own data platform without building anything.
Think of us as Amazon Web Services meets the Apple App store for the data platform. The 5X platform lets you automatically integrate the different data vendors to create a data platform specific to your business, without building any functionality or integrations yourself and without ever speaking to a vendor sales team.

✨ What does 5X do?

The Modern Data Stack is highly fragmented, which means that companies often have to sign multiple contracts, spend months building a data platform and then spend 20% of their time maintaining it. This fragmentation also leads to a poor user experience when companies have to move between multiple tools for their workflows. 5X offers a solution to this problem: lets you build your own custom data platform in 4 minutes, not 4 months.


🙇‍♀️ Why 5X?

Data is becoming increasingly important for companies, but building reports can be challenging when the necessary data is scattered across different sources. This results in teams spending a large portion of their time on data collection, cleaning, and preparation, rather than gaining insights from it.
Unlike other managed data Platforms data which OEM’s vendors, 5x’s app store allows you to pick vendors based on the use case, size & budget. 5X allows data teams to focus 100% on answering their business questions without worrying about the time-consuming task of data setup and configuration.


🙋‍♀️ How do I get started?

Getting Started with 5X is easy!
  • If you're ready to dive in and start using it right away, Sign Up for our free plan.
  • If you'd like to learn more about our product before committing, check out our Getting Started page for an overview of features and functionality.
  • If you would like to see the product in action or have any questions, Schedule A Sales Demo with one of our representatives.
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