⚙️What is 5X?

The modern data stack (MDS) qualifies as a complete set of tools used to collect, process, store and analyse data for building and managing data infrastructure needs. It empowers businesses to collect, process, store, and analyze data from various sources, enabling data-driven decision-making and insights. However, navigating the data ecosystem is complicated, with vast tools, pipelines, and processes. Simplifying this could be a focus for the data industry.

The modern data stack is highly fragmented, forcing companies to invest their resources to sign multiple contracts, spend months building a data platform and then spend 20% of their dev time maintaining it. This fragmentation also leads to a poor user experience when companies move between multiple tools for optimizing their workflows and data insight capabilities.

5X believes in making data simple. 5X, as a full-stack data platform, makes it easy for organizations to leverage top-tier data vendors as a managed service. Companies can build their data platform in 4 minutes, with considerably lower upfront costs and no dev time required to organise.

5X believes in solving complexity in the evolving data landscape in the following ways:

  • 5X full stack data platform as a managed service: Eliminates the need to sign up for different vendor contracts or navigate through the modern data stack fragments for your data platform needs.

  • Stitch and customize your data platform: Focuses on actioning insights for your business as a fully managed data platform. The 5X platform lets you automatically integrate different data vendors to create and manage data platforms specific to your business without building any vendor functionality or integrations yourself.

  • Operate data infrastructure in an integrated, Unified IDE: 5X enables companies to perform data ingestion, transformation, modeling, orchestration, and visualization capabilities in an integrated Unified IDE. 5X Operate supports full-stack data vendors for data operations for users to access and manage their data infrastructure needs.

Why choose 5X as your data partner?

Despite companies understanding the urgency of building and managing data, building reports can become challenging when the necessary data is scattered across different sources. This lack of a unified platform view poses a significant challenge, especially for enterprises seeking centralized authentication, ingestion control, governance, and the freedom to integrate enterprise services seamlessly.

Consequently, data teams spend considerable time and resources on data collection, cleaning, and preparation to suit their unique use case rather than using data to gain insights. The 5X app allows you to build and manage data platforms by provisioning vendors based on the use case, size & budget. 5X helps data teams focus their business goals without worrying about the time-consuming data setup and configuration.

The full-stack data platform requires managed data service capabilities to utilize analytical data management. Building and managing a robust data fabric layer requires enterprises to establish a connection for their data tools and services. To unlock the power of the modern data stack, its integration with advanced technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is also imperative for data analytics.

A full-stack data platform that allows seamless integration to stitch the data fabric layer for your tools and services is imperative to bridge the gaps in the current data landscape. 5X, as a full-stack data platform provides managed data services that enable the enterprise to opt for specific integration options, such as moving data from siloed locations into databases (Data Ingestion) or requiring separate source integrations to perform tasks like custom event tracking (Event Tracking.)

Getting started with 5X

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