Activate and manage vendor


  • The user must be created with a 5X role of Admin or Member to receive the invite.

  • The user must be assigned the vendor access roles. To learn more about vendor roles, refer to Vendor Roles.

Activate vendor account

To activate your vendor account, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Platform and click Activate my account on the respective vendor Tile.

  1. Once activated, 5X provisions your vendor account. Depending on the vendor, you may need the user invite to your email account with the account details. You can click the login button, which will redirect and allow you to log in to your vendor account directly using the credentials. For example, when activating a Google BigQuery account, the user needs to accept the user invite and create their account.

  2. Click Login to log in to your vendor account as required.

Following the example, after logging in to BigQuery, the new account is created and the project is added.

To access SQL Editor, we enable 5X account access to Google BigQuery.

After access, we can navigate to the SQL Editor to work on the newly created project.

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