August 2023

🚢 New Features

Audit Log

We are thrilled to introduce the new Audit Log feature, designed to enhance your experience with the 5X data platform. With the Audit Log, you can effortlessly monitor and track all actions taken within your data platform, consolidating information that was previously scattered across multiple vendors. This centralized approach streamlines data issue debugging for data engineers and strengthens your data governance practices.

Key Highlights of the Audit Log:

  1. Vendor Activity Tracking: Keep a close eye on user actions related to various vendor tiles within the 5X platform. This includes monitoring activity associated with connectors on your data replication vendor, warehouse management, and the execution of jobs on your metrics layer.

  2. Access Control Changes: Easily oversee changes in user access by tracking activities such as inviting new users to your 5X data platform, adjusting access roles, and removing users when necessary.

  3. Platform Evolution Monitoring: Stay informed about the evolution of your data platform, including additions, removals, and replacements of vendors on the 5X data platform.

In upcoming releases, we will further enhance the audit log to provide improved error monitoring and deeper insights into platform activities.

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