July 2023

🚢 New Features

Data Warehouse IP Whitelisting

We're excited to introduce the Network Policy Management feature, empowering users on the 5X platform with enhanced control over data warehouse security and accessibility. This feature enables users to set, edit, and activate network policies directly from the 5X platform, streamlining the process of safeguarding your data warehouse.

Access to the Network Policy feature will be limited to users holding the SECURITYADMIN and above privileges. Support for Google BigQuery (GBQ) and Amazon Redshift will be added soon.

✨ New Integrations

Power BI: Bring Your Own Account

You can now import your existing PowerBI instance to the 5X platform, to enjoy using 5X as the layer on top of your existing data stack vendors for managin user access and dashboards.

🧚‍♀️ Improvements

Enhanced Password Security

We've bolstered our password policy on the 5X platform to provide stronger protection for your data and accounts. This proactive measure not only safeguards your organizational information but also aligns with our vision of positioning 5X as a secure and resilient data platform. 5X passwords need to be at least 8 characters long, consisting of lower and upper case letters, numbers, and special characters.

By implementing a robust password policy, we make it significantly harder for hackers to compromise passwords, thus reducing the risk of data breaches. This policy also ensures compliance with industry regulations, reinforcing our commitment to maintaining the highest security standards for your peace of mind.

Revamped Integrations Marketplace

We're excited to introduce the all-new Integrations Marketplace, designed to empower users with a streamlined and informed approach to selecting the perfect vendors for their data platform. The new design enables users to explore, compare, and make well-informed decisions from our curated selection of 25+ integrations.

The new Marketplace includes a Category Explorer, which lets you connect your business use cases to specific vendors. This tailored approach ensures that you can identify the perfect additions to your data platform, simplifying your selection and purchase journey. Category pages provide users with relevant attributes and metrics about each vendor, so they can learn about the vendor's value proposition and capabilities and make informed decisions.

Enhancements to SQL Editor

  • Support for Google BigQuery: We are excited to announce the integration with Google BigQuery of our SQL Editor. The 5X SQL Editor for GBQ works by connecting to your Google BigQuery account and providing you with a graphical interface for writing and running SQL queries. The editor includes a number of features that make it easy to write complex queries, including worksheet management, autosuggestions and error checking.

  • Lazy loading and column selection and pinning columns in result section: We are thrilled to introduce a range of new features for the result section of the SQL Editor. The pinning feature enables users to affix columns to the left of the results pane, ensuring their constant visibility. The lazy loading feature selectively loads currently visible results, enhancing performance. Say goodbye to the need for clicking through page pagination to view additional results, a process that has been both time-consuming and tedious.

  • Autocomplete Function Names: We're thrilled to introduce an exciting addition to our SQL Editor – the power of autocomplete for database and schema names. To use this feature, just begin typing the desired database or schema name. As you type, the SQL Editor will display a list of potential completions, allowing you to effortlessly select the right option from the suggestions. This enhancement is designed to boost query-writing efficiency. Stay tuned for more upcoming autocomplete features to further streamline your experience.

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