June 2023

✨ New Integrations

Metabase: Bring Your Own Account

Metabase is an open-source business intelligence platform that makes it easy for everyone in your company to ask questions about their data. You can now import your existing Metabase instance to 5X, to view and manage your data platform in a single location.

Redshift: Bring Your Own Account

You can now import your existing Amazon Redshift instance to the 5X platform, which will allow you to manage user access to your vendors using 5X. With this release, users will also be able to run queries with the SQL editor for Redshift.

Amazon Redshift is a fully-managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service in the cloud.

Looker: Bring Your Own Account

You can now import your existing Looker instance to the 5X platform, to enjoy using 5X as the layer on top of your vendors to manage user access and manage your dashboards within 5X.

Looker is a business intelligence platform that helps you explore, share, and visualize your data to make better business decisions.

🧚‍♀ Improvements

BYOV Vendors Data in Utilization

  • Users can now view and manage data for their BYOV Vendors on the utilization tab. Starting with dbt and Preset, this update allows you to effortlessly track and optimize costs for all your data vendors in one place. Stay tuned for upcoming support for Snowflake, Fivetran, and other vendors.

Enhancements to SQL Editor

  • Preview Sample Data: Get a quick glimpse of your table and view data before running analytics. Simply select the desired table or view, click "Preview Sample Data," and see a preview instantly. It's a valuable tool for data overview and error identification.

  • Code Completion: The 5X SQL Editor now supports autocomplete for function names. Quickly complete function names like Select or Join while writing queries. Just start typing, and the SQL Editor will suggest options for you to choose from. Save time, ensure accuracy, and stay tuned for upcoming enhancements, including autocomplete for functions across different Warehouses.

  • Multiple Worksheets: Now you can create multiple worksheets within the same window, each with its own name and content. Worksheets are automatically named based on creation time and are saved automatically. So, even if you close the SQL Editor window, you can return later to find all your worksheets intact.

    Stay tuned for upcoming enhancements to the multi-worksheet feature, including the option to export worksheets to files.

  • Copy Data Asset Names: This feature allows you to easily copy asset names, such as a table or view, into the SQL Editor. Save time and ensure accuracy by following these steps:

    1. Click the 3-dot menu next to the asset name.

    2. Choose "Place Name in Editor."

    No more manual typing, just efficient query building!

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