March 2023

🚢 New Features

Introducing comprehensive Team Management

We are excited to announce an overhaul to our Team page, introducing a redesigned user management logic for a more centralized and efficient team management experience on the 5X platform.

What's New?

  1. Unified Vendor Access Management: Our enhanced Team page now enables you to manage your team's access to all vendors on your data stack from a single location. You can also gain valuable insights into how the addition of new teammates impacts costs.

  2. Two Ways to Add Users: We've made adding new users to your team more flexible and straightforward with two options:

    1. Associate Existing User: If the user already has a vendor role, you can select "Associate Existing User" and choose the user ID you wish to link. You can later edit permissions based on the associated user ID.

    2. Invite New User: If the user does not currently have a vendor role, you can select "Invite New User" and assign the role that best suits this user's responsibilities within your data stack.

Learn more on our team documentation.

✨ New Integrations

Data Collaboration: Jupyter Notebook with CoCalc

CoCalc is a cloud-based collaboration tool that allows you to share your computational documents (like Jupyter Notebooks) with your collaborators, with all modifications synchronized in real time, and your code runs in the very same environment. You can now add CoCalc to your data platform to run Jupyter Notebook with your team.

🧚‍♀️ Improvements

A fresher UI

We've revamped our interface with a fresh, modern design that not only looks good but also makes navigation smoother :)

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