February 23

New Features

Introducing Gravity Data IDE on 5X

We’re thrilled to introduce the Gravity Data IDE, the data ingestion system directly accessible in 5X. The Gravity Data IDE offers users a streamlined, simplified, and efficient platform to execute their extract and load (EL) operations within 5X.

By fully integrating Gravity Data within 5X, users can build real-time data pipelines to power data apps and services more cohesively, ensuring a seamless user experience and an optimized configuration. Our focus on a simpler architecture eliminates the user's need to navigate external interfaces when executing Gravity operations.

Gravity Data IDE offers its existing functions with a revamped user experience. The Gravity navigation bar has the following tabs:

  • Syncs: Configure new syncs and manage syncs in Sync Overview. Gravity lands on Syncs by default.

  • Destinations: Successfully perform sync operations by configuring destinations. Create and manage destinations in the Destination Overview.

  • Integrations: Add and configure integrations and manage alerts in the Integrations Overview.

  • Job Logs: View and download job run history on Job Logs.

To access the Gravity Data IDE, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate and log in to 5X.

  2. Gravity is activated on the 5X Platform landing page after your account is onboarded. Click Manage to go to Gravity Data IDE in 5X Operate.

Alternatively, visit Gravity directly on 5X Operate.


User experience upgrades in Utilization

With this release, the Utilization page has enhanced filter and analytics viewing capabilities to accelerate user experience. The enhancements are as follows:

  • Delta comparison metrics: Users can view their Month-to-Date and End-of-Month spends compared to the last three months’ average spends for each vendor to manage utilization better.

  • Vendor filters: Users can filter the utilization page based on selected vendors. The vendor filter shows All Vendors by default.

  • Custom Dates: Users can select Custom Dates from the Custom dropdown to filter their utilization data for a flexible range of dates.

  • Enhanced donut chart: Users can click the donut chart to expand the right panel and view their Month-to-Date spends and End-of-Month forecast analytics in detail.

Enhanced SQL Editor on 5X Operate

The SQL Editor on 5X Operate is enhanced to reflect a more seamless user experience. The following user interface updates help increase the accessibility and user-friendly experience:

  • View Results and sort its details more seamlessly with an updated user interface.

Debug Logs available for 5X DBT Core

With this release, Debug logs are available for 5X DBT Core job runs to help navigate data transformation more seamlessly. Users can view Debug logs at the command level and download them for offline analysis to efficiently manage and maintain their debug logs.

To access Debug Logs:

  • Select a job on Jobs in DBT Core to view its details.

  • Select a command in Job details to view its logs. Click Debug logs.

Enhanced advanced grid (AG) view on Team

Delete Team users not in 5X

With this release, the Users not in 5X tab have added functionality on Team. Workspace admins can delete users who are currently not 5X team members but are added as part of the vendor database.

To delete a user who is not a 5X member:

  • Click Users not in 5X on Team.

  • Select the vendors for which you want to delete the user from the pop-up dropdown and click Delete.

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