March 22

New Features

With this release, admins can now import and manage their existing Databricks instance from 5X. Users can integrate their existing Databricks account within 5X to store data and manage user access along with other vendors from the 5X Platform.

Here are the following key features:

    • Click Data Warehouse from Categories. Alternatively, you can find Databricks listed on Store data in a central warehouse of the Explore vendors based on your needs section.

  • Set up your Databricks integration: The Setup Guide helps admins configure and test your Databricks source on 5X.

  • Manage Databricks member access on Team: Admins can manage their team member access to Databricks from Team.

Note: 5X currently only supports AWS Cloud for Databricks. Please reach out to to request Databricks support for other cloud accounts.

Python support for 5X dbt Core Console

Here are the following supported features:

  • Support for .py file extensions: The dbtCore Console editor supports the .py extension for your Python files.

  • Run dbt commands for Python: Successfully run dbt commands for your Python transformations using the dbt command console on the dbtCore Console editor.

Introducing Data Lineage for 5X Managed dbt Core

Introducing Data Lineage for 5X Managed dbt Core, the data visualization tool designed to empower data engineers and analysts to efficiently manage and understand data model dependencies within a hosted 5X Managed dbt Core environment.

Data Lineage supports the following functions:

  • Lineage boosts user productivity and the decision-making process as it enables users to perform root cause analysis more efficiently.

  • Lineage supports capabilities to trace dashboard issues to their source models to help users assess the downstream impact of changes.

  • Lineage is built with an intuitive user experience and promotes integrity and efficiency for the data modeling processes.

Data Lineage on 5X Managed dbt Core supports the following functions:

  • Access Lineage on the dbt Core Console of 5X Managed dbt Core to view the entire model and its highlighted lineage.

  • Hide/ show parent and hide children nodes of the model.

  • Navigate the layout and customize the viewing screen with an expanded view, zoom in/ out and reset the view.

  • Search for models in your repository as required and use tags to include/exclude models during the search.

  • Download Lineage diagrams in PNG format.

Introducing Brandwatch Connector on Gravity Unified IDE

With this release, Gravity Unified IDE supports a new Brandwatch connector for marketing analytics use cases. Users can utilize the Brandwatch connector to pull social media analytics data into a data warehouse to track brand health and campaigns across social platforms. Create Syncs using Brandwatch as a Source and run Jobs for your required analytics use case.

Duplicate Jobs within a Sync

Gravity Unified IDE users can now duplicate Jobs within a required Sync to extend flexibility in managing Jobs. Select the required Jobs in your Sync and use the Duplicate Jobs function to replicate the selected Jobs.

Duplicated Jobs require the following conditions:

  • Rename the Jobs you are replicating to prevent errors. Renamed Jobs cannot be edited once replicated.

  • The duplicate Jobs will share the original Jobs Target DB schema and table name. Users can update the duplicated Jobs to prevent data duplication or loss.

  • The duplicated Jobs are paused by default.


5X Platform mailing address update

The mailing address for 5X Platform communications is updated to with this release.

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