Users can effectively maintain security across the workspace from the Security page. You can access the Audit Log and Network Policy from Security.

Audit Log

This tab provides a chronological entry of platform-level and vendor-level logs across the workspace. You can filter the logs by platform changes, access changes, or vendor actions for vendors during the selected time.

Platform changes log vendor additions and removal from the workspace. Access changes log all changes to the user vendor permissions are logged in access changes. User interaction on vendor apps is logged in vendor actions.

Network Policy

Network policies allow you to control how the IP addresses interact with your workspace. 5X supports the network policy for Snowflake. Admins can create a Snowflake network policy or replace an existing Snowflake policy.

Click Activate network policy for the vendor to add, activate or drop network policy. You can Drop Policy from the three-dot menu next to each policy. Expand a network policy to modify select IP addresses to modify selected IP addresses, or add IP addresses to the policy. Once updated, activate and deactivate vendor network policies as required.

You can also create or update the network policies from your external Snowflake or the SQL editor. To learn how to build network policy scripts, refer here.

Create network policy

We support network policies for your Snowflake account. A network policy requires a policy name (without space) and allowed IPv4 addresses. Enter IPv4 in a comma-separated list. You can also list blocked IPv4 addresses and add if needed. Click + Network policy to add a network policy.

The following 5X platform IPs are allowed by default and cannot be deleted for 5X to access your Snowflake workspace.

  •, and

5X Platform IPs are whitelisted by default and cannot be changed.

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