Users can manage their team’s workspace roles and vendor permissions from the Team page. Team supports centralized workspace management and unified vendor access management. This enables organizations to manage their full-stack data platform across all vendors by accessing user-based and vendor-based permissions in one place. Team view maps the rows of users against the added vendors and their access permissions.

There are 3 types of 5X permissions:

  • Admin: Complete access to the 5X workspace. Admins can access vendor integrations, and manage user roles and billings. Admins can manage vendor-level permissions for workspace users by assigning vendor roles.

  • Member: Limited access to the 5X workspace. Members can only access the vendors they have been assigned to and have read-only access to workspace features.

  • No Access: No access to the 5X Platform but has direct access to the vendor tools managed by 5X.

Only Admins can add users to their 5X workspace, and define roles and permissions for the vendors added to the workspace.

Users can manage vendor roles through the following options:

  • New user: When the user does not have a vendor account, they can be invited to create a new vendor account using this option. They can access the vendor based on the assigned vendor permission.

  • Associate existing user: When the user has a vendor account already, they can be added by associating their existing vendor account to enable vendor access on 5X. This is majorly useful in the case of BYOV vendors.

  • No access: The user cannot access the vendor on their 5X workspace.

Refer to user management to learn how to add and manage users and vendor management to learn how you can manage vendor roles and permissions for members.

Team categorizes data platform users using the Members and Users not in 5X tabs. The Members tab lists all admin and members of the workspace with their assigned permission across the workspace. The Users not in 5X tab lists all users who have an account on the vendor platform but are not present on the 5X workspace.

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