User and vendor management

You can manage user and vendor permissions to invite new users and update existing user roles and permissions using the Team page.

User management


Lists all admin and member users and their vendor permissions against the vendors added to the workspace in a grid view.

  • The grid lists all vendors by default, click the Filter dropdown on the top-right of the grid to filter based on vendors.

  • Manage existing users from the Users column to Edit Roles, Edit Association and Remove User.

Add a new user

Admins can invite a new user to the 5X workspace as follows:

  1. Click the + Invite User on the top-right of Team.

  2. You need to add the full name, and the email address and set up the 5X user role and vendor roles and permissions. 5X Permission: Determine if the user should have Admin, Member or No access permissions. These roles are associated with 5X workspace management.

    Vendor Roles & Permission: Select the vendor roles and their respective permissions for the user. 5X creates a new user account for the vendor if you invite a new user, else you can associates an existing user with their vendor account by the UserID.

  3. Once you have configured the user details, roles and permissions, Continue to check the billing impact. Admins can assess the billing impact for each vendor to which the user is assigned. If a vendor is integrated using BYOV, it does not impact the billing.

You can adjust the vendor roles and permissions for the user based on the billing impact, and Accept & continue to invite the new user.

5X updates the newly added user with an invitation pending tag. Once the user accepts the invite and joins the workspaces, billing is initiated for the user.

Manage existing user

Members can manage existing users by clicking the three-dot menu on the respective Users column.

  • Edit Roles: Edit the 5X permission and vendor roles of the user.

    Edit Association: When you want to update the vendor associations configured for the user. The popup lists the users available for association by the UserID for the associated vendors.

  • Remove User to remove the user from the 5X workspace.

Removing a user from 5X workspace deletes all their user preferences and also deletes their respective vendor user accounts irreversibly.

Users not in 5X

This tab lists external users who do not have 5X workspace access but have external vendor accounts. The Users not in 5X tab lists the users by their vendor account UserID.

You can manage the users from the actions on each user row:

  • Invite to 5X: Invite the user to join 5X. You can specify the vendor roles and permission for the other vendors added to the workspace.

  • Associate to 5X: You can associate the vendor user with an existing 5X user.

  • Delete: Removes the user from the table. It keeps the removed user from appearing on the list again.

Vendor roles & permission

Admins can add users to their 5X workspace, and define roles and permissions for the vendors added to the workspace.

Vendor permission determines the user’s access to the added vendor. Vendor role determines the vendor-level roles to assign the new user. It is vendor-specific and may have multiple vendor role assignments.

Vendor permissions consist of:

  • New user: When the user does not have a vendor account, they can be invited to create a new account and access the vendor based on the assigned vendor roles.

  • Associate existing user: When the user has an external vendor account, they can be added by associating their vendor account to an existing 5X user.

  • No access: The user cannot access the vendor on their 5X workspace.

Associate existing user

When the user has an external vendor account, they can be added to the 5X workspace by associating the external vendor account with the 5X workspace user. When associating an external user with an existing 5X user, you can do that by selecting the email of the existing 5X user

  • You can associate different email addresses for each vendor when associating an account with a user.

  • Users cannot associate multiple emails with a vendor. One 5X user can be associated with only one vendor. For example, If is associated with, neither the user nor the vendor account can be associated with any other vendor or user, respectively.

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