Utilization gives complete visibility into the spending and forecast of all your vendors from a single place. Utilization seamlessly consolidates real-time data and breaks down vendor costs and usage forecasts. Users can achieve comprehensive spending visibility without the need to log into individual vendor accounts. You can customize Utilization to break insights of the vendors for the selected time. By default, the current month's analytics are updated for all vendors. The utilization metrics provide the following insights:

  • Overall expense and forecast Provide vendor spending and the end-of-the-month/year expense forecast. Detailed delta comparison metrics compare the Month-to-Date and End-of-Month expenses to the last three months’ average costs for each vendor to manage utilization better. You can click the donut chart to expand the right panel and view the analytics in detail.

  • Vendor-based utilization analytics View cost and forecast metrics for all vendors, usage-based and license-based vendors. Usage-based vendors incur costs based on the user’s usage, such as storage consumption, computation or MAR (monthly active rows) depending on the vendor. License-based vendors charge based on the number of seats.

  • Total cost of current vendors and their usage Lists each vendor by their utilization, unit price and subtotal. Utilization lists the total licenses or users for license-based vendors, and usage (storage and compute, or MAR) for usage-based vendors.

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